Incredible Book that Really Transformed My Marriage!

Marriage in and of itself can be a true test to any one person. This book was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful read. Marriage is not always easy while being a woman of GOD. We are all human and go through difficult times with relationships. This book really helped me in so many ways because it touched on specific areas that I was struggling with in my relationship.

The chapters about encouragement and truly enjoying my husband sexually were 2 chapters that I read more than once. I really love how the author did her research and really reached into it from the male perspective. It really helps us woman have insight into the mind of men because we all know that we think on completely different wave lengths sometimes. I have read many different books in the area of Christianity and relationships and this book by far exceeded my expectations. Especially since I have been to many relationship counselors and this book hit on a lot of similar issues I have spoken to counselors about. It’s a quick read and to the point.

It really covers all areas of emotional, sexual, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, relational and physical part of your relationship. I feel that this was actually a book that I not only couldn’t put down but was able to re-read with my husband and actually open up and communicate about certain topics and issues we were going through.

It has allowed us to better communicate and we have even put certain chapters into practice daily to really help us progress in our relationship. It’s not a super long book and for that I am glad because my husband has a really short attention span so the length of the chapters was perfect for us to read one or two per night before bed. I think that it’s really important for all of us woman to do things to progress our marriages. Part of that is to take action and grow spiritually, emotionally, and just grow closer with our partners. There are so many things that we forget to realize on a daily basis about the different needs that men need met, and also that we as woman need met regularly. This Author just kind of laid it all out on the table and really helps you realize that even if you are struggling currently in your relationship that all things are possible with GOD and a little effort.