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Incredible Book that Really Transformed My Marriage!

Marriage in and of itself can be a true test to any one person. This book was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful read. Marriage is not always easy while being a woman of GOD. We are all human and go through difficult times with relationships. The obsession formula book  really helped me in so many ways because it touched on specific areas that I was struggling with in my relationship.

The chapters about encouragement and truly enjoying my husband sexually were 2 chapters that I read more than once. I really love how the author did her research and really reached into it from the male perspective. It really helps us woman have insight into the mind of men because we all know that we think on completely different wave lengths sometimes. I have read many different books in the area of Christianity and relationships and this book by far exceeded my expectations. Especially since I have been to many relationship counselors and this book hit on a lot of similar issues I have spoken to counselors about. It’s a quick read and to the point.

It really covers all areas of emotional, sexual, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, relational and physical part of your relationship. I feel that this was actually a book that I not only couldn’t put down but was able to re-read with my husband and actually open up and communicate about certain topics and issues we were going through.

It has allowed us to better communicate and we have even put certain chapters into practice daily to really help us progress in our relationship. It’s not a super long book and for that I am glad because my husband has a really short attention span so the length of the chapters was perfect for us to read one or two per night before bed. I think that it’s really important for all of us woman to do things to progress our marriages. Part of that is to take action and grow spiritually, emotionally, and just grow closer with our partners. There are so many things that we forget to realize on a daily basis about the different needs that men need met, and also that we as woman need met regularly. This Author just kind of laid it all out on the table and really helps you realize that even if you are struggling currently in your relationship that all things are possible with GOD and a little effort.

How to grow sexual Desire

Nobody is talented and experienced since they were born. No one is glowing like a porn star at any time on it All you need to do is just change the atmosphere. Sounds hard ? but easy as pie. First of all you need to find activities that can be done during sex. Somewhat that would make sense for both of you to play a fun game, play silly games, playing cards strip or anything that will give you both have fun and laugh together during the sex.

Telling secrets: It is all about perception. You do not have to say or mention it sometimes. But it is essential that you should guide your partner. Do not be shy about it. It will make you both happy even more. Tell him or her makes you feel good and give them some techniques that they feel attracted at the greatest pleasure.

This is one way to help making your bed not to be boring anymore. Change them to be an audience. Wearing sexy outfit to give them some imagination is one thing you should often do. Seeing your sexy gesture would become sexuality excited very much. Try sexy lingerie or thin lace night suit. persuade them to enjoy eased underwear. Fondle with some of the top positions will make them see your glowing sexy gesture explicitly.

Sex surprise : Imagine how much impulsive of it . If you jump towards them when they did not prepare themselves. Show them how much you need them or get them by your own temptation. On the other hand, If they are about to come back from the somewhere else just call them that you are wearing sexy thin outfit have big penis using pe bible exercise, lying on the bed waiting for them to come back. Believe me they would hurry to be on the bed with you for sure.

Same position but different way: Do not be curious about it Remember the missionary?. That’s too familiar but you need more additional modify method from the clothes you own. Blind them by the stuff you have if you want to be offensive. Tie their wrist by using necktie and tell them not to move they would be surprised and feel even more energetic.

Focus the strategic point: Actually the strategic central body is the most important part. But you should not neglect to touch another sensitive point such as nipple, ear, neck, hip, thigh, back just gently caress. Whether part you tempt can turn them on anyway.

Capture his heart book review

Often, we as women and as wives wonder what else we can do for our husbands to better their days and our relationship with them. After reading Capture His Heart: Becoming the Godly Wife your Husband Desires, I have a really clear idea. The book divides the relationship responsibilities a wife has with her husband into eight parts: spiritually, sexually, emotionally, physically, vocationally, relationally, intellectually, and permanently.

I thought that the author, Claire Casey, did a wonderful job explaining to me how to support my husband and be by his side in the way God wants me to be She said a couple that prays together, stays together, and I just couldn’t agree more It helps me look at things from the husband’s point of view instead of my own for once, and it really gives me perspective about our relationship in the grand scheme of things. I show my husband some parts of the book and he grins, saying ‘Wow, she’s right!” If there were a how-to guide for marriages, this would be it It was also a very quick and easy read, so it didn’t take up much of my time and allowed me to understand what the book was saying fast enough where I could begin to apply it to my own life the day I started to read it It has enhanced my relationship with my husband, and it re-taught us what “love” really means in the eyes of the Lord. The book really reminds me that sometimes I just have to take a step back from life and be the wife that my husband needs in his life. Some people may not want to be the cookie cutter housewife that is described in the book, but I enjoy being there for my spouse and cooking and cleaning for him like the Bible says I should. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the perfectly put together marriage should read this book.

I highly believe that it could save a failing marriage. I also bought the companion book, Capture Her Heart, so my husband can read it to strengthen his side of our relationship, because if this book taught me anything, it’s that marriage is about supporting and connecting with your spouse. I can’t wait until he reads his part, so then our marriage can be the best under the eyes of our Lord. I recommend Capture His Heart/Capture Her Heart to anyone who wants their marriage strengthened as mine was

The Tao Of Badass Review-must read before purchase

f you’re looking for more info on The Tao Of Badass, then you’ve come to the right place. I tried it myself and wanted to post my review. This is an era in the fashion industry which includes men, being highly aware of different fashion statements, their public image, as well as their health. This time, men are just as conscious about their bodies as women are and they are easily embarrassed with their lousy physique. This starts even in young boys and the pressure of having the right physique strengthens as they come of age. Men believe that having the right physique is one of the major reasons why women get attracted. Being partly correct, Josh Pellicer created The Tao Of Badass to help men in their quest for being badass when it comes to attracting women.

What Is It All About

He wrote the The Tao Of Badass in order to help men understand the prerequisites in becoming a girl-magnet and to open their eyes to the reality of how women get attracted to men. The package comes with The Tao Of Badass manual and bonus videos created by Josh in order to make the whole manual easier to understand for visual learners, which most men are.

The Tao Of Badass is composed of ten chapters dedicated to help men become a badass in getting women to notice them. Despite the number, men who are not good at reading need not worry because the whole package is easy to digest. There are no jargons or confusing words that could require the use of dictionaries. The whole eBook is written in a simple and straightforward approach that every page and ever line is a useful piece of information for men. Each chapter is essential in order to understand the next chapters as they are connected into developing a complete badass. Despite the term, this manual is not meant to teach men how to become badass in treating women, on the contrary, this is aimed at helping men to completely understand how to become a good men that women will come after them. In simple terms, they will become the man that most women dream about – the knight n shining armor or the prince in their wildest dreams.

The Tao Of Badass is not only designed to make men knights or princes but to guide them to become a completely better person. The ten chapters are completely worth the money you will be paying. It is designed to develop self-confidence among the male species. By develop, it means understanding exactly how to achieve self-confidence, how to develop it, and how not to lose it in front of women.

Most manuals of the same type in the market simple defines self-confidence and then provides simple steps on how a man could show that he is confident without a deeper understanding of the term, leading men to show false confidence and convert it into arrogance in worst cases. Pellicer completely understands that self-confidence could bring men to appreciate themselves and develop self-worth, which is an important aspect to becoming a better person